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Portfolio Reporting

Portfolio Analytics and Reporting

We understand different asset classes, funds and weightings that impact each other and  create an optimal mix of assets to achieve maximum returns with a minimum risk. On the basis of these, we may observe how choices relate to an investor's goals.

The performance of a portfolio (equities, bonds, alternative investments etc), the process of reviewing or assessing the elements of the entire portfolio of securities or products.

Studying and Analyzing the performance of financial assets to create a list of well-performing assets and create a financial plan. We look at all aspects, establish benchmarks, and evaluate your individual holdings.

We analyze the underlying exposures of stocks, funds and strategies, and identify factors that are providing the best risk-adjusted returns. It allows investors to target the inherent risks which they believe will yield the best returns.

Understanding and analyzing the underlying exposures of stocks, funds and strategies, investors can identify whether changes are done by market movements or trading decisions or a sub fund level within a fund of funds.

Style factor and ESG Analysis

ESG refers to examining a company’s environmental, social, and governance practices, their impacts, and the company’s progress against benchmarks. Let us help you get insights with ESG Analytics, part of the Analytics solution. Partnering with top ESG data providers, our product saves you valuable time aggregating ESG data, exposures and risk of your portfolio. We make it easy for you to perform what-if ESG analyses and visualise your fund’s ESG exposures, including how they compare to the industry benchmark.

We offer useful ESG insights that will help you make your investment decisions wisely.

ESG risk is regular business risk. By integrating ESG factors into decision-making leads to good risk management.

Monitoring the amount of carbon dioxide or methane produced by a certain activity over a specific period of time is referred to as carbon monitoring as part of greenhouse gas monitoring. A variety of financial market products and measurement approaches have been developed to assist investors in aligning portfolios with specific climate objectives and strategies in accordance with the Paris Agreement. These tools include the environmental 'E' pillar score of ESG rating, which is increasingly used as a tool to align investments with a low-carbon transition. With pre-calculated funds’ factor exposures  based on the underlying holdings data you can see exactly how a fund stands out from the crowd  with instant insights

Competitor and Peer Analysis

Peer Insights - Investors and managers can instantly compare any fund to any peer group of their choosing using our analytics technology to gain precise information. It contains pre-calculated funds' factor exposures using the underlying holdings data so institutional investors and managers can evaluate how a fund differentiates from the competition.

We’ve pre-calculated over thousands of  funds’ factor exposures, based on their underlying holdings data, so you can get accurate peer insights instantly.

To uncover the major factor exposures driving an investing strategy, compare a fund to its unique peer group. List the managers who best meet your requirements.

We analyze thousands of funds so you can see exactly how similar and different funds are in real-time. Build better portfolios more quickly by finding the correct fit.

Create a custom peer group from over 28,000 funds using intuitive filters. Identify and compare funds with the desired factor exposures. It is simple to visually contrast factor exposures, identify outliers.

Market And Manager Research

This is where managers gain greater exposure to investment consultants and asset owners.

Understand how managers rank and follow different statistical indicators when it comes to investment approaches. You may quickly assess the performance of investment products in relation to industry standards and peer groups courtesy of a  simple user interface.

Select from a wide array of intelligently structured charts and tables. Easily customize manager profiles, charts and graphs according to your needs.

This provides equity research services to buy-side and sell-side firms worldwide. Our strong expertise across sectors and domains, adoption of technology, and service-driven culture enable us to be an ‘extended arm’ of our clients.

As a trusted outsourcing partner, we offer bespoke research and analytics solutions to global clients across private & public debt, macroeconomics, compliance, and cross-asset strategies. Blending domain expertise with a “client first” mindset, we aim to improve the quality of investment decisions using thorough fundamental research.

This provides action-oriented investment insights that aid alpha creation for hedge funds, active asset managers, alternative asset managers, independent money managers, mutual fund managers, and ETF (exchange traded fund) managers. We leverage technology to improve efficiency by revamping traditional research approaches.

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