Executing growth strategies through acquisitions involves Significant Decision Factors and process points. From target market identification, to geographical considerations to effectively managing the transaction process, being compliant in several regulatory subject areas to managing and right sizing the Deal Value and M&A Contexts.

The Deal flows through an integrated transaction lifecycle

Generalized buy & sell side Phases

The M&A Strategy includes specification/definition of business objectives of the M&A, validation of the strategic Interests against the aspirational vision of the key stakeholders of the company. The Deal Strategy further focuses the mindsets and efforts of the M&A contexts towards maximizing the shareholder value and returns for the company, in effect the shareholders. There are very significant decisions at that 


The potential Options pipeline is important. This Front Front of the Funnel is always Fuzzy and a business needs many decisions at this stage too. Typically the discussions are related to target markets, geographies, etc. to heat map the target businesses. Such discussions some time span over more subject areas and then we need to scale them back to focus in building good and relevant pipelines. 


Business Evaluations on both sides of the fence are essential at this time. Its important to know what the acquiring business is worth as well the the target business. The asset value discussions held in relative view of both sides develops stronger and relevant insights into the full context of the transaction decisions.


Doing the transaction at the right price, with the right terms within the strategic goals boundaries makes the Deal execution process one of the most significant and highly sensitive parts of the deal lifecycle. The negotiations, preparation of the Agreement and terms within, the continuum of legal reviews and governance of the Risk and Compliance needs appropriate facilitation and diligence. So does the pre-close process where you start planning for Day 1 and Day 2 activities. Some may consider these outside the deal transaction but our view integrates the preparation for a successful Day 1 and Day 2 within the transaction scope.


The Studio extends advisory and consulting services, the execution assistance and enablement to transfer of ownership, compliance for state, local and federal regulations for asset ownership transfers besides the operations and  management transitions. Some extended services are to enable the M&A team for the first quarters risks and mitigation strategies, optimizing and maximizing the value realization from the M&A. 

An M&A Deal is not just a Transaction, it’s an aspirational vision or institutional dreams.

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